Smarty Q E-cigarette

An elegant, safe and hygienic concept

Why most people choose Smarty Q BLACK E-cigarette?

  • Smarty Q BLACK is an E-cigarette concept that has been developed around smokers. It is easy to use, designed to look good and requires no liquid handling.
  • Our pre-filled cartridge system permanently removes leakage issues, increases efficiency and sensations due to a new resistance built in each cartridge. You just have to screw the cartridge to the battery and smoke as you would do on a traditional cigarette.
  • Smarty Q BLACK electronic cigarette brings you many other important advantages. It requires no maintenance and it is far more hygienic as each cartridge has been sterilized before being packed.
  • You can alternate cartridges to alternate flavors. It is discreet, robust and elegant at the same time of being cost effective as you will save at least 70% on the price of tobacco. A simple cartridge refill equals 30 traditional cigarettes so each pack at $9.90 gives you the equivalent of 150 traditional cigarettes.
  • At last but not least, Smarty Q is eco-friendly, using 70% less packaging and waste components than traditional cigarettes and uses only natural ingredients to create its flavors.

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Smoke wherever and whenever you want! Try Smarty Q now! 

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